How to hide Publish Site button in Sitecore

Publish Site –  yeah that’s the button which can cause you some serious failure in your live site if you don’t use this with extra care. What I mean to say is – if accidentally, a user hits the Publish Site, this can publish all the items from the content tree ( you might have items which are not supposed to go live). Not only this, if the content tree is large, this may cause a performance issue as well and of course, that will affect the end user. No one wants to make a bad impression on the audience of the site.

So, the million dollar question is – How can I hide/remove the Publish Site button for my users?

Well, I have got the answer in the next few lines.

Note- Publish Site is available in two locations, The Start Menu, and the Publish Menu in the content editor. So let’s do it-

  1. Login to your core database in Sitecore.
  2. Now, open the Security Editor either from start button or from the dashboard.
  3. Select the role “Sitecore Client Publishing” by clicking on the account button available on the top of the security editor window.selectrole
  4. To hide the Publish Site button from the start menu, Navigate to the sitecore > content > document and settings > all users > start menu > left > publish site item in the left pane and remove the read permission from there.hideinstartmenu
  5. To hide the Publish Site from the publish menu in the content editor, Navigate to sitecore > content > applications > content editor > menues > publish site item in the left pane and deny the read permission on this item.hideinpublishmenu

One last not-  The above steps will hide the Publish Site feature from your Sitecore instance for all the users except Admin users.